Natural antibiotics are better

Natural antibiotics

Natural antibiotics are better than the regular or synthetically prepared antibiotics due to the absence, if not, reduced side-effects.

Pathogens and other bacteria are becoming more and more immune to the regular antibiotics as a result of overusage and abuse of antibiotics, learn more on

Now, the infections are becoming more severe and persistent due to antibiotics abuses. The foregoing discussion tackles the role of antibiotics in the general health and well-being of the human body.

What are Natural Antibiotics?

Natural antibiotics, as the name says, are those antibiotics which are prepared out of natural sources and not synthetically prepared or without any artificial substances added.

The main ingredients of natural antibiotics consist of extracts from plants that are naturally occurring in nature and from minerals extracted from natural sources. Examples of natural antibiotics are presented in the list below. The most common of which are garlic, colloidal silver, vitamin C, and citricidal, also help to reduce sma syndrome.


Garlic was used in World War 1 in the treatment of open wounds. The main objective in using garlic is to prevent the open wound from being infected. Until now, garlic is popular natural treatment for infections of the ears and throat.

Colloidal Silver:

This solution is prepared by fine particles dispersed in a preferred liquid medium. Silver has application as a natural antibiotic as water filters in prevention of the growth of bacteria. The enzyme-systems of bacteria are disrupted by colloidal silver. It is due to this effect that makes silver as a natural antibiotic.

Vitamin C:

Vitamin C aids in the treatment of illnesses caused by bacterial infections. It is a natural antibiotic administered in high dosages. Vitamin C treats infections that are causing whooping cough, diphtheria, tetanus, polio and even found to be useful in the treatment of infections due to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome or commonly known as AIDS. The main reason why Vitamin C is a natural antibiotic is that it helps in the production of white blood cells.

White blood cells are the natural soldiers of the human body as they are the cells responsible in combating infections or any undesirable and harmful material that enters the human body. That is why most physicians and health expert recommends intake of Vitamin C on a daily basis.

A wide variety of Vitamin C supplements are available in the market, either as synthetically prepared or out of natural ingredients. However, the natural source of Vitamin C is preferred as it does not pause any health issue or side-effect to the patient.


Citricidal is obtained from the seeds of grapes. This was discovered by Dr. Louis Parish in the year 1976. Since its discovery that citricidal as a natural antibiotic that can treat bacterial infections, fungal infections and some viral infections, it has been widely used as such.

Over the counter antibiotics

If you suffer from any major sickness or you happen to undergo surgery lately, the area of the body which has surgical incision will get some infection in which redness and pus will develop. The surgeon will usually prescribe some antibiotics so that redness and pus surrounding the area will be removed. This can make the wound heal faster and will help the person feel a lot better at the same time.

Taking over-the-counter antibiotics can help you at the moment but you are uncertain of what will happen to you in the future. The kidneys will be damaged if too much antibiotics are taken. In case there is kidney failure, this could be a major problem.

This is when you begin to suffer from liver cancer or have issues with your pancreas. You will not only have some problems with your kidney but also with other parts of your body.

Will my kidneys be damaged if I consume over-the-counter antibiotics always?

Antibiotics available over the counter are not the only ones responsible for the damage of the kidneys. Practically, all other over-the-counter medications can create problems in the body as well.

It is best to consume something before you take a certain medication. Moreover, you should drink a lot of water if you want to take any kind of medicine. This can aid in cleaning your system and be capable of protecting all the significant areas of your body.

Is there any benefit of using over the counter antibiotics?

The only advantage is that it would be easy for you to get the medication at once in any drugstore near you.

Prescription from the doctor will no longer be necessary. All you need to do is purchase the antibiotics, take the medicine then wait for several days as you might feel a lot better. A lot of people are also into self-medication with the thought that they can heal themselves in a normal manner.