adrenal fatigue

Adrenal fatigue treatment

When a person is diagnosed to have adrenal fatigue, the next thing to do is to plan out a course of treatment which will aid in the effective cure of this illness.

Most likely, it is the doctor who will prescribe hormone supplements that contain progesterone and pregnenolone. These are believed to help in the production of cortisol hormones from the adrenal glands.

Together with this, an herb termed as rhodiola is also assumed to be an effective method in the treatment of extreme exhaustion. According to reports, people felt energetic and refreshed after consumption of this herb. It is important that this herb is used early in the morning together with tea or water before eating any food, Learn more on

Another good method of treatment will be to consume supplements containing calcium, magnesium, vitamin B-complex, vitamin E and vitamin C.

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Aside from the medications, the two most significant factors for adrenal fatigue include habits in eating food and lifestyle modification.

Since stress is the primary reason for the onset of adrenal fatigue, those who are diagnosed to have this disease will require sufficient rest. It is important that these people must take rest in between their working hours in order for them to become refreshed and may be able to work more actively.

Also, it is necessary to take regular breaks from work and take vacations and holidays to be able to unwind and get a peaceful time.


Those who are suffering from adrenal fatigue must not allow their busy schedules to interfere with their sleep.

The body requires a minimum of eight to nine hours of uninterrupted sleep. If it is necessary to get up early in the morning to go to work, make sure that you sleep early in order to have sufficient amount of sleep.

Getting the required amount of sleep will aid a person in rejuvenating himself and start his day with enthusiasm and fresh vigor.


In order to reduce the stress due to adrenal fatigue, anyone can practice some relaxation methods such as yoga, meditation and more on a regular basis.

Taking part in exercises such as dancing, walking, swimming, jogging and many more will not only help in making a person become stronger physically, these can also reduce an individual’s anxiety and tension.

If you are hooked to drugs, cigarettes or alcohol, it is extremely crucial that you discontinue them in order to effectively recover from adrenal fatigue.


Moreover, a person’s diet has an extremely important role in the way we feel good about ourselves. The doctor may recommend a diet plan which will help in the recovery process of a person.

During treatment the diet can include consumption of nuts, fruits, vegetables, grains and a lot more. Anyone should totally avoid eating cakes, who is allergy on gluten, chocolates, soft drinks, caffeine, junk foods and many more while being treated for adrenal fatigue syndrome.

In addition, one must avoid the habit of skipping meals and should practice the habit of eating healthy meals on a regular basis, at least four to five times in a day.